Tracks of Your Soul

We every single have our personal set of harmonics which make up our soul tracks. We have a delivery music, a loss of life track, a existence tune, and a music for every single piece of soul.

At birth our birthing tune is sung as we occur down the womb and into this actuality this sets us up for the beginning of our life.

The internal youngster as the initial piece of soul has a track which proceeds until finally the interior young kid's time is attained to get up home. This sound of this piece of soul is now song and requires more than until finally it is the switch of the internal teenager, then young adult, late adult and previous age until it is time for a new music.

When we die there is a dying track that is sung throughout the procedure that aids our passing. The demise tune commences as we get started to cut the energetic hyperlinks to the bodily physique.

Every single chakra has a cord which frays then disintegrates finally the silver twine which makes it possible for us to vacation from our bodies in spirit finally frays and is cut. We then can journey down the tunnel to the astral aircraft as the music sings us into there.

All of these songs need to have to be sung in full and to the end.

We also have a music of existence, that has with in it all the creations, karmic money owed to be sorted, paths, soul agreements and prospects of this existence.

There are many variants and usually music are not sung fully to the stop or are even commenced. Significantly interference can take place by us in hospitals babies can be delivered by caesarean which signifies the birth track has begun but not concluded..the energetic tools for the novices guide to daily life are lacking. It is attainable to have your beginning song sung at a later on day. It demands to be sung simply because it is essential when you die and the dying track is sung.

Which delivers Like I Do on to dying, out of the blue by accident, drugs, operations, currently being shot these are all examples of the track not becoming sung. This leads to you energetic troubles on the astral and again the dying song which is so considerably much more than a song, but an energetic sequence of information may nonetheless be sung by individuals who are in the know on the other aspect.

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